Free up your parking and your time

BePark's parking management platform is dedicatedly developed for enterprises or parking owners to optimise the management of their parking. From access control to real-time reporting, you manage your entire parking policy in a few clicks.

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Why BePark's Platform?

The lack of space, the loss of badges, the management of several car parks, and the control of different access for employees, visitors and partners, high parking costs, repetitive operation work are complex issues... Thanks to BePark's Parking Management Platform, you will no longer suffer from any of them.

Higher occupancy rate

You think your parking is full? It is not. With smart parking reservation system and powerful reporting, you ensure a maximal usage of your parking.

Lower parking costs

Inefficient parking operation and underused parking spaces represent an additional cost as well as an unsatisfactory experience for your parking users.

Less repetitive work

The parking operation and management of your parking can be all done in a few clicks online! You can now concentrate on more important tasks.

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Ingrid Vanderlinden
As Altran moved to another location, we needed a user friendly reservation system to optimize our available and valuable parking spots. The tool is an answer to our needs. It is user-friendly for drivers and for back office, reports are useful and can easily be downloaded. The reservation system is definitely an asset and highly recommended!

Ingrid Vanderlinden Fleet Manager | Altran

For enterprises

An enhanced employee happiness

You can create and manage business users and their access rights to the parking in a few clicks.

You make sure to satisfy everyone by giving them the opportunity to book and use the parking when they need it according to 100% custom-made priority rules.

Marsh, Altran, Orange...have all trusted BePark! You can be guaranteed that your parking occupancy rate will increase by up to 30% and your frustrations are reduced as such!

60% Maximum of time saved
100% Real-time parking control
40% Reduction in vacancies
For parking owners

A more efficient parking operation

With our app, you are no longer isolated from your tenants! You take control of the real-time situation in the parking lots and manage the tenants' access with ease.

Our objective is simple, to help you fully control your property in order to avoid unnecessary costs and save your precious time.

Whether you are in front of your computer or outside on your mobile phone, you can proactively manage your parking immediately, whenever you desire.